Sex in the Sticks Chapter 1

"Are they still back there?"

"Think so. I saw something moving down that ridge a few minutes ago. Looks like they might be gaining on us a little."

"Maybe l take the Big Horn cutoff -- it's less than a mile up the trail. We'll see what happens after that."

Savita Bhabhi did not join in this conversation between her two companions, though she listened closely enough. She could not decide whether Pam and Ellen wanted the boys behind them to catch up with them or not.

She knew her own mind well enough: she had come into the national forest for two weeks of backpacking and mountaineering and she would have been perfectly happy if they had seen no boys at all during the entire trip.

They had been on the trail for only two days and already both Pam and Ellen were acting suspiciously like a pair of horny spinsters.

"They'll probably turn off and go up to Big Horn," Pam said as they toiled along the rough trail. "That's where most of the hikers go."

"Hey, you remember that waterfall and pool about a half-mile beyond the cutoff?" Ellen asked. "I'm already thinking about that -- when we get there I'm going to strip and stay in there for about an hour!"

"Yeah, I remember it," Pam replied. "And I'm up for that too. How about you, Savita? Ready for a dip? It'll be great after heaving and sweating for two days."

"I think that would be beautiful," Savita said, trying to put the boys out of her mind.

"Say, what's wrong with you?" Ellen asked, lagging back a moment to fall into step beside Savita. "You've been quiet as a mouse all day. Still shook up over that Willie?"

"No, I don't think so," Savita replied. "Or maybe it's that, I'm not really sure. I know that I've been having trouble all morning -- this is a rough trail. And I'm carrying the tent today, don't forget."

They took turns carrying the tent which sheltered them at night. Although it was the lightest model available that would shelter three, its eight pounds made a considerable difference after a few hours on the trail.

Actually, as Savita admitted to herself, she had been thinking about Willie, her ex-boyfriend.

A tall, handsome youth of twenty, the very epitome of almost everything she had been taught to look for in a boyfriend, he had gone with her for three months and, at least for the first two of those months, had provided her with more happy moments than she had ever known before.

As Ellen stepped out ahead, leaving her to herself, Savita's mind wandered back to her last date with Willie.

"Aw, come on, do it to me," Willie said, trying to press her face down onto his cock. "A little head won't hurt you!"

"I'm scared to do it!" she protested. "Isn't it enough that I let you ... well, fuck me? Can't you be satisfied with that? Willie, I love you, really I do, but that ... it just seems so awful!"

Even now the memory of those few times -- six in all -- that he had come over her, fitting that incomparably beautiful body of his between her thighs and guiding that tremendously long, hard prick into the lips of her pussy had the power to make her knees weak and her head dizzy.

A tall, lithe brunette with a pair of firmly rising breasts that attracted the eye of nearly every man, Savita had a sultry, sensuous look which would not have been out of place on a Hollywood sex queen.

More than one man had been attracted by her looks, only to be turned off by her fear of letting herself go: Savita's behavior, in striking contrast to her looks, would have done credit to a New England spinster of eighty.

It had required every one of Willie's many talents to get her into bed with him, and even then she submitted only after she had become almost delirious with desire.

She loved him too much to forbid him the caresses which fired her body with desire and, once she had reached that state, she could not prevent him from possessing her completely.

In spite of her ardent response -- and once she had gotten his prick inside her body the fervent way in which she had snapped her hips up and down had surprised even Willie -- she never lost control of herself to the extent that she would engage in some of the practices he most wanted.

In particular, he wanted her to take his prick in her mouth and this she would not do under any circumstances.

He wanted her to talk about her desires, using the frankest, bawdiest language -- she knew all the words but believed that "a lady" did not use such language -- but she would do so only after considerable coaxing and when her body was trembling with desire.

"Come on, give it a suck," Willie said on that last night. "Hell, it isn't so much. Christ, even Sharon gives blowjobs!"

"Sharon?" Savita asked, slowly realizing that Sharon had lived in the city for only a month. "How do you know that about Sharon?"

Willie's evasive answer had aroused her curiosity further and, in the course of a discussion which had finally turned into an argument, he admitted that he had visited the girl in her apartment several times.

He attempted to justify this by pointing out that the girl had no compunctions about servicing his desires in whatever way he chose, a justification which Savita saw as more of a condemnation of them both.

The evening had ended with her getting out of Willie's bed, tearful and reproachful, and walking home by herself.

Each time she relived that terrible evening she asked herself if she could possibly have done anything differently.

How could you possibly have done that to him? she asked herself as she trudged along behind Ellen and Pam.

Ugghh! To behave like a common whore? If he wanted you to do that then he surely wasn't the man you thought he was! No, Savita, you did exactly right!

Despite the regularity with which she told herself that she had been right in refusing to go down on Willie, there were several times when she could not help wondering if perhaps she had been wrong.

Several of her best friends, she knew, frequently made love in that way and as far as she could tell they were not adversely affected in any other way.

Both Ellen and Pam openly vowed that there was little better than "a mouthful of hot cock," as Ellen so crudely put it, and they were as loyal as anyone she knew.

It would be a nice way of showing a guy that you really cared for him, she thought, shifting her pack-straps onto a new part of her shoulders. And maybe the stuff wouldn't taste so bad when he shot off. Remember that time you ... mmmm!

Her mind, seemingly determined to find new ways to bedevil her with doubt, wandered back to an evening when she had gone to the bathroom immediately after experiencing a delirious, bone-melting climax with Willie.

As she had sat upon the toilet stool, feeling the thick, creamy cum gush from her well-exercised slit, she had suddenly reached between her thighs and placed a finger in that opening.

Upon removing it, now thickly coated with the warm, fluid, she had cautiously sniffed of it.

Sex in the Sticks Chapter 2

The scent had fired her desires quickly, sending a spasm of delight over her body, and she had popped the finger into her mouth.

The salty but utterly intoxicating taste had caused herhead to reel with delight.

Savita had never mentioned this experiment to anyone, lest they think she had become a sluttish, depraved creature and she often berated herself for having succumbed to the temptation.

No, that won't do, she. told herself. Savita, you've got to stop thinking about those things! You can't go on this way!

Again tugging impatiently at her pack straps, she quickened her pace to shorten the distance between herself and her friends.

They passed the Big Horn cutoff, a broader trail leading up to one of the highest peaks in the entire national forest.

They were aiming for Sheep Pen Meadows, a remote and lovely valley where they intended to spend three days before continuing their hike.

A half-mile beyond the cutoff, a mere twenty minutes' walk, they came into a small clearing.

They could hear the rumble of falling water and immediately a new spirit of enthusiasm swept over the three girls. They got out of their packs rapidly and went down to investigate.

Just as Ellen had said, they found a large pool at the base of the falls. Almost completely ringed with tall firs, the pool beckoned invitingly.

"Oh, wow, this is too much!" Ellen cried out, her fingers already unbuttoning her shirt. "Man, am I ever going to soak!"

"Let me at that water!" Pam sighed, also stripping rapidly.

Their enthusiasm infected Savita and she too began to strip.

They gave no thought to the possibility of being surprised; they were in one of the more remote parts of the forest and, except for the hikers they had earlier noticed, had seen no one since setting out on their trip.

Savita unlaced her heavy hiking boots, removed her socks and finished undressing.

She was at least as attractive naked as clothed; her long waisted torso tapered neatly in at the waist, flaring out into a pair of nicely curved hips and then again tapering down the length of her slender thighs.

The dark V of pubic fur, masking but not entirely hiding the crimson slit bisecting it, emphasized her femininity, just as did the nippled breasts riding high on her ribcage.

"That Willie, he's sure missing out on something," Pam said, running an envious eye over Savita's body. "Wow, what I wouldn't give for a set of boobs like those!"

"And those legs!" Ellen added, looking down at her own shorter, thicker limbs. "Oh well, we can't have everything, I guess!"

"Stop it, you two," Savita said with an embarrassed laugh. "You're only trying to make me feel bad. And you know that no boy would ever run away from you two, either!"

She was right. Despite Pam's undersized breasts and Ellen's less-than-perfect legs, both girls were extremely attractive.

Pam, a short blonde with a bouncy, vibrant air of good health, always had boys hanging around her, and Ellen, a tall blonde with superb breasts, had her pick of men in the city.

Both of them were well aware of Savita's shyness, especially in matters pertaining to sea, and ribbed her unmercifully about her prudish ways.

They dashed into the pool, shrieking as the ice-cold water splashed against their naked flesh, and dived deep.

Their bodies quickly adjusted to the abrupt change in temperature.

After thoroughly soaking themselves and sponging off the dust and sweat of travel, they sprawled on the grassy bank beside the pool and let the sun dry their naked bodies.

Savita felt drowsy in the brilliant sunlight and allowed herself to drift into a half-conscious state.

"Hey, I wonder if those guys really did turn off at Big Horn?" Pam said suddenly. "You know, if they didn't they're probably off in those bushes somewhere right now, getting their eyes full!"

"Oh!" Savita muttered, sitting up suddenly and clasping both hands to her breasts. "You don't actually think they're watching, do you?"

"So what if they are?" Ellen muttered drowsily. "If they're only interested in sitting off in the bushes and watching, I sure don't want to have anything to do with them!"

"Yeah, if they're out there they're harmless," Pam agreed. "Come on, Savita, I guess that cunt of yours is safe for a while longer!"

Savita blushed daintily at that jibe, but settled back on the grass.

She parted her knees lightly, luxuriating in the way the warm sunlight bathed her most intimate flesh with golden warmth, and felt her heart slowing down to a normal beat.

Just as she was on the point of losing grip on her consciousness she heard a rustling of tree branches.

"By God! They said this was Big Beaver National Forest," a masculine voice cried out, "but nobody ever told me we'd see real beavers! Or such good-looking ones! Man, get a load of those pelts there!"

"Wow, did they ever name this place right!" another voice chimed in.

Savita sat up quickly and whirled about to confront the strange voices.

As she did so she saw that neither Pam nor Ellen had reacted so violently; they remained horizontal, though they twisted their heads around to look.

They saw four young men, all laden with pack sacks and clad for high-country hiking.

Each of the four wore a pair of cut-off blue jeans, in addition to the. heavy boots and thick socks, but nothing else. All four were heavily bearded; they looked to be in their early twenties.

"Howdy!" one of them said, unbuckling his pack and dropping it to the ground. "I'm Charlie."

The other three also got out from under their packs and introduced themselves.

They sat down to remove their boots and socks, then stood up to doff the cut-off jeans. Savita gasped with shock and averted her eyes when she saw that they were going to strip down entirely.

"I'm Pam and this is Ellen," Pam said. "That's Savita -- don't mind her, she's a little shy. We can recommend the water -- it's the greatest!"

"Yeah, that's one reason we came this way," Charlie said. "We had it in mind all along but when we saw that you hadn't turned up toward Big Horn we knew we had to check out the pool, Good thing we did, it looks like."

"Help yourselves," Ellen said, cooly running her eyes over their naked bodies. "It's all public property."

The three girls sat on the bank and watched the youths splash and shout in the water. Savita fidgeted nervously; it was plain that she was highly uncomfortable and more than a little worried.

"I'm going to get my clothes on," she said after a moment or two. "If only they'd all look the other way for a minute, so I could run!"

"Go ahead and do it now," Ellen told her. "But what's the rush? I don't suppose they're babes in the woods; I'll bet they've seen tits and ass before!"

"Sure. Stay here and give 'em a thrill," Pam added. "Bet they never saw much that could beat you!"

"You're impossible!" Savita whispered, trying to move behind her friends so as to conceal her nakedness. "How can you say such things?"

"Doesn't take much effort," Pam said with a happy shrug. "Man, look at that Charlie -- that cat's hung like nobody's business!"

"I was more taken with that Arnie," Ellen said, running her eyes over a thick-shouldered blond giant. "Oh, wow, to get my legs around that hunk of man! I bet he could go on forever!"

Sex in the Sticks Chapter 3

"What are you talking about!" Savita gasped. "Why, you're acting as though you were already in bed with them!"

"It might not be so far away," Ellen warned. "They've got to have been in the park for at least three days; it's that far to any road. And they probably haven't seen any more people than we have, so the chances are good that they'll be extra horny!"

"Trust Ellen to figure all the angles," Pam breathed. "But she's right, Savita; there are four of them and three of us. Maybe we'll get our fill for once!"

"I've already had my fill," Savita snapped, rising to her feet and preparing to run. "And I don't think it's a bit smart of you to talk that way!"

Ellen and Pam looked at each other in surprise after Savita had dashed back to the rock where she had stacked her clothes and pack.

"Hey, she's really uptight about it!" Pam marveled. "Gee, do you think she's for real? I thought she really got into screwing with Willie!"

"The way I heard it she didn't get far enough into it to suit Willie," Ellen replied. "He's a big one for head jobs, you know, and the story I heard was that they broke up because Savita wouldn't go down on him."

"Huh? Come on," Pam insisted, leveling her big blue eyes at her friend. "Everybody goes down on guys! Are you for real?"

"I mean it," Ellen insisted. "I didn't believe it at first but I got it straight from Willie himself! He swore that she wouldn't suck for anything! It really ticked him off too, because the way he told it, she's a real hot-ass. He swore that she'd fuck like a crazy woman, once he'd gotten her turned on, but that she wouldn't do anything else!"

"Well, if he's right then our Savita's going to be in for a long, cold evening," Pam whispered. "Because the way those dudes are looking us over I've got a feeling that they're not going to want to go on a nature hike!"

Charlie and Arnie, the two youths Pans and Ellen had especially marked for closer attention, came over to them and sat down. Like the girls, they casually ignored their nakedness.

"Are you two the winners or the losers?" Pam asked, fixing a bright gaze upon Charlie.

"Huh?" he said, taken aback at her abrupt question.

"I thought that's what you were doing over there," she said, allowing a wisp of a smile to crinkle her lips. "Playing a game to see which two would get to stay in the pool, or maybe be first to try us out!"

"Oh, that," Charlie said, looking down at his bare toes for a minute. "We're the winners!"

"Uh, what happened to your friend?" Arnie asked, twisting about and seeing no sign of Savita. "She playing hard to get or something?"

"It's no act," Ellen told him. "She's a little uptight about letting guys look at her birthday suit, that's all. Don't worry about it."

"Who's worrying?" Arnie asked, gathering Ellen into his arms and pressing her back against the grass. "Why worry when you can spend your time balling?"

"Mmmm!" Ellen whispered, opening her mouth and greeting his inquisitive tongue with her own.

Savita had retreated behind a thick fir tree to don her clothing and did so with haste. Peering through the branches of the tree, she caught a glimpse of Ellen being pressed back.

Charlie and Pam were similarly engaged, except that Pam lay on her back with her knees spread wide, allowing the youth ample opportunity to investigate her pussy.

He had delegated that task to his left hand, which dived between the girl's thighs and fell to work with a vengeance.

"My God, they're doing it!" Savita murmured to herself. "They're actually going to ball those guys right there in the open! And with that other pair watching them! Oohh, what have I gotten myself into!"

Even though she felt a deep surge of disgust when she saw how readily her friends accepted the youths, Savita could not move from behind the tree.

She lifted her eyes off the lasciviously locked couples only to check on the two young men left in the pool; they were lathering themselves with a bar of soap and seemed not to notice the success enjoyed by their partners.

In spite of her disdain, Savita could not help noticing that both the hikers in the pool were well endowed with sexual equipment.

She had seen Willie's cock only occasionally -- on the rare times when they had made love in a lighted room -- and on those occasions she had been too dazed with lusty desire to be able to consider it on its own merits.

Charlie and Arnie were also generously endowed in the same area, as she could now see with ease. Ellen and Pam had both changed position and were now kneeling over their partners.

Each was kissing and mouthing the cock closest to their lips, a feat which greatly distressed Savita.

She had not been entirely certain that girls really did that to boys; the evidence that it was possible -- and, to judge from the groans of happiness the girls emitted, supremely delightful -- sent a chill of apprehension running over her body.

"Yeah, get it on!" Charlie muttered thickly as Pam's lips enclosed more and more of his distended prick. "Unuhh! Baby, you eat cock like it was candy! I can go on like this forever!"

"Turn around, honey, and feed me some pussy!" Arnie said excitedly. "If you can eat dick like that you deserve to have your cunt eaten out!"

Ellen obediently swiveled her body around to bring her loins directly above his waiting face, though she never relinquished her oral grasp of his cock for a moment.

Savita was not close enough to see the details, though she could hear nearly everything the couples said, but it looked to her as though Arnie was as good as his word: he lifted his face and gave every indication of applying his lips to the hair fringed cleft resting at the apes of Ellen's thighs.

Her groans of animated delight left little doubt that he was indeed devouring her pussy and probing deep with his tongue.

"Mmm, baby, I'd love to feed you some pussy too but this cunt of mine's hungry for cock!" Pam declared as she lifted herself into position above Charlie's long, thick cock. "I can't afford to pass up this treat!"

"There's lots of time," Charlie told her. "And it'll take awhile for you to wear this thing down. Besides, there's always Lou and Eddie out there in the pool they'll be glad to help out!"

"Man, am I ever glad you didn't decide to go to Big Horn!" Pam moaned as she guided his prick into place and lowered herself onto it. "Mmm, wow! Is that ever what I've been looking for! Man, it's been a drag these last few days, nothing but horny chicks to look at and nothing but a finger to fuck with!"

Savita again gasped with horror. She had been fairly certain that Pam had been up to something in her sleeping bag; the muffled sounds and furtive movements she had occasionally seen and heard had suggested an episode of masturbation, but she had not had the nerve to inquire and make sure.

She was surprised, not so much at discovering that Pam had been masturbating, but at the free and open way the girl admitted her desires and her readiness to satisfy them herself.

Sex in the Sticks Chapter 4

Savita had often had recourse to her own fingers as a way of dampening the fires that sometimes raged in the depths of her belly but she would never have been able to have admitted it to anyone, especially a member of the opposite sea.

This is too much, she thought as she stepped back from the fir and turned away from the exciting scene being worked out beside the pool. Oh, what have I gotten myself into! If I'd ever dreamed they would be like this, I'd never have left with them!

She decided to busy herself with preparations for making camp, since it was abundantly clear that they would not be hiking any further that day.

Opening her pack, she brought out the compactly folded tent and, began staking it down. She had hardly gotten the nylon stretched out on the ground, however, when she stopped and knelt upright.

What am I doing this for? she thought. I can't just sit around while they have their little orgy. And those other two guys, what are they going to be doing, sitting around playing cards? Not likely!

Visions of rape and group orgies began flitting through the girl's excited mind.

She remembered tales of gangbangs and immediately another, even more frightening vision popped into her mind: she saw herself being tied down and then raped by as succession of sturdily equipped young men.

Her hyperactive imaSavitation conjured up all sorts of variations on this theme; she even saw one of them kneeling over her face and forcing his cock, still wet with her cunt juices, into her mouth!

The sight was enough to bring a sob of despair to her lips. She sprang to her feet and looked around wildly.

They won't do it to me! she said to herself, running over to her pack and shouldering it. Pam and Ellen might like that, but I'm not going to stay here and let them rape me!

With that, she walked away from the campsite. It was impossible, of course, to make a hasty retreat while carrying a forty-pound pack but she moved as quickly as possible. None of the frolickers by the pool noticed her exit.

It was not until two hours later, after Ellen and Pam had each made love with two of the hikers, that they came back to the campsite and discovered that Savita had gone.

"How do you like that!" Ellen marveled. "Looks like she started setting up the tent and then split. Her pack's gone too!"

"That silly little bitch!" Pam snapped. "What did she think was going to happen? I'll bet she had ideas that all four of you guys were going to gangbang her at once! Sometimes she really gets weird ideas in that head of hers!"

"Ah, shit, we wouldn't force it on anybody," Charlie said. "Why make a chick spread when there's a couple of others around that like it so much? Especially a couple that's as good looking as you two?"

"Hey, that's the kind of talk I can dig!" Pam exclaimed. "Spoken like a true cocksman!"

She reached over and gave .Charlie's prick an affectionate squeeze.

"You think maybe we ought to try finding her?" Arnie asked, a note of concern in his voice. "This is pretty wild country, you know. Not many bears or stuff like that, but still it'd be easy to get lost."

"Oh, she's an experienced camper," Ellen said. "She's been walking in the mountains for a long time. If she wants to come back she'll be able to find the way. I don't think we have to worry about her."

"All right," Arnie said, curling an arm around Ellen's naked waist and running his hand over her lusciously curved buttocks. "You know her better than we do. What say we have another little hors d'oeuvre while Lou and Eddie fix the dinner? It's their night to cook anyway!"

"I don't see any reason to let good cock go to waste," Ellen replied, turning to him and rubbing her prominently nippled breasts into his hairy chest. "Gee, I don't think I'll ever get enough fucking and sucking!"

Under ordinary circumstances Ellen's faith in Savita's ability to take care of herself in the wilds would have been amply justified.

She did not take into consideration, however, the agitated state of the girl's mind -- a condition approaching panic.

Furthermore, Savita's apprehensions about what might happen to her if she remained in the camp were intensified by another factor: by watching Ellen and Pam enjoying themselves with Arnie and Charlie she had succumbed to the sensual excitement crackling in the atmosphere and had herself become highly aroused.

It was almost as if the rampant sensuality generated by the bawdy couples had reached out to strike a deadly blow at Savita's active little clitoris.

Oh, God, I wish I could stop a minute, she thought as she hurried down the trail. These shorts are killing me!

In her haste to shoulder her pack and get away she had not fastened the pack's waist strap properly.

As a result the thick belt edged up her shorts until the crotch rubbed firmly into the lips of her pussy.

Her clit, already highly agitated, responded readily to the pressure of the material and became even more aroused.

Each step worked the thick cotton against her clitoris, and although the contact was decidedly not a sensual one, the effect had little real difference: Savita became more excited with every step she took.

After walking steadily for twenty minutes, heading along the trail in the direction she, Pam and Ellen had been taking, she paused for a moment to take stock of the situation.

The thought of going back to the campsite never entered her mind; she thought only of getting away from her friends and their new lovers.

There was no possibility of their tracking her, due to the nature of the trail -- granite shelving alternating with thick layers of pine needles -- but she wanted to make absolutely sure that she would not be found.

Looking around the small valley in which she found herself, she noted a peculiarly shaped peak to the south of the trail.

That's the Sleeping Beauty, she thought, remembering her close examination of the map earlier in the day. And didn't I see a road going near it?

Sure, it's a little track the rangers use for maintenance! I'll head that way; it'll be sure to get me out of here!

Without pausing to consult her map and make sure of her bearings, she turned off the trail and set a course due south, or as near it as she could manage.

Her new course brought her directly across the grain of the terrain, which mostly consisted of a series of canyons and ridges running east and west, and thus she found it very hard going.

She kept to her work, though, and by six o'clock had reached a point about six miles south of the main trail.

Realizing that the sun would soon set -- the canyons were already swathed in deep shadow -- she halted beside a small stream and began preparing a quick meal.

She had her own tiny stove, of course, and it was no trouble to prepare a small pot of soup enriched with dehydrated meat. By the time she had eaten from the tiny pot and cleaned it she was in almost complete darkness.

"This ought to do for the night," she mused aloud as she packed the stove away. "Nobody will ever find me down here!"

She took out her sleeping bag and spread it beneath a tree, then hung up her pack to keep it out of the way of inquisitive mice.

Sex in the Sticks Chapter 5

Satisfied that she had tidied up the signs of her meal, she began undressing and preparing for her rest.

There was a chill in the night air and she shivered as a breeze whipped across her nipples.

Upon removing her shorts and panties -- she always slept nude when on the trail her nostrils were immediately assailed by a warm, musky, feminine scent and she realized, even more acutely, that her body was still highly aroused.

"Mmm, just about ruined those," she said as she felt of the damp crotch of her panties. "Maybe I'll have time to stop somewhere tomorrow or the next day and do my washing. Damn that Ellen and Pam ... who'd ever have thought that they'd be so horny? God, did they ever take to those guys!"

Savita slipped into the sleeping bag and zipped herself up snugly. The nylon bag felt very good against her naked flesh.

Since the bag was cut on the mummy pattern she found it difficult to keep her hands from rubbing against her nipples, although the dark, stiff little cones were supremely sensitive.

Without really thinking about what she was doing, her right hand slipped down over her belly and found the dark, furry bush crowning her love mound.

You might as well, she told herself. There won't be any sleep till you do it, you sluttish little cunt!

Oohh, how can it be so bad and yet feel so good? Mmm, that's just right! Wow, Ellen and Pam didn't waste any time going down on those dudes -- and they seemed to love it, too!

Wonder if they'd do it till the guys came? Probably -- they're bad enough that they've probably done everything a girl shouldn't do!

Torturing herself by remembering the sight of those stiff, thick cocks going into the mouths of her friends, Savita began working two fingers of her right hand into the mouth of her cunt.

The opening, rimmed by a strong muscle, had the consistency of a hot, thick pudding; she moaned tenderly as her fingers spread it apart and penetrated.

Her left hand now crept down to the same location and she began rubbing her clitoris, an inflamed nub of exquisite tenderness, with her left index finger.

She closed her thighs tightly around her hands, forcing the fingers of her right hand ever further into the taut, moist opening, and began flexing her hips.

By clenching them tightly she could elevate her loins slightly, intensifying the pressure from her fingers; by relaxing she lowered them as she gathered her strength for another squeeze.

She lay on her back with her eyes closed; her breath became faster and shorter as her muscular contractions heightened the tensions in her body.

"Mmm! Oohh!" she muttered thickly. "Do it, do it, baby! Fuck! Fuck! Oohh, come! Come now! Unngghh! Fuckfuckfuck!"

Curiously enough, Savita found it no problem to use language of the most vulgar, abandoned sort when she was alone. In tact she had long ago discovered that muttering lewd, provocative phrases and words to herself had the power of heightening her sensual awareness and hastening the climax she sought.

She would have been most reluctant, however, to have used these words and phrases in front of another person, especially a male; she had always been told that men looked down on women who had "dirty mouths" and this one lesson, at least, had made a strong impression on her.

"Oh, wow, it's out of sight!" she murmured, working her hips up and down even more rapidly. "Oohh, it's beautiful, it's too much! Cum, baby, cum! Mmm, fuck those fingers! Get it on!"

Suddenly she sucked in a deep breath; whimpered softly and stiffened every muscle in her lithe, youthful body.

Soft, incoherent moans escaped from between her tightly clenched teeth; she arched her hips upward, pressing her throbbing pussy even more firmly into her waiting hands.

Her entire weight rested on her shoulders and heels for several minutes until finally, limp and breathless, she sank softly back down onto the sleeping bag.

Her hands fell limply to her side and she drifted off to sleep, satisfied at last.

Savita woke early the next morning, as was her habit when in the wilderness, and lost no time in fixing herself a hasty breakfast and getting under way.

She nibbled on a packet of dried fruit throughout the morning, not stopping for lunch, and by mid afternoon had covered several miles. Unfortunately, most of the miles had been of the zig-zag variety and she could hardly tell that the Sleeping Beauty was any closer.

By dropping frequently down into canyons and making detours, due to the presence of precipitous cliffs directly in front of her, she had nearly completely disoriented herself and had to resort to her compass frequently.

This isn't going to be as simple as I thought, she told herself when she unloaded for a short rest at about three o'clock. I didn't figure on the country being so rough and broken.

An experienced camper and hiker, Savita had enough confidence in her abilities to keep her composure.

She knew, for example, that she had only to keep to her southerly line to come upon the maintenance road that would lead her to a paved road and a route out of the forest.

There was plenty of food in her pack and no danger of a storm.

There was also, she realized with a sinking sensation, several miles of extremely rough country ahead before she could possibly expect to find the maintenance road.

You won't get there sitting under a tree, she told herself as she rose to her feet and prepared for the last march of the day.

By the time the sun had set she had eaten her dinner, stowed away cooking gear and food, and had wearily settled into her sleeping bag.

On this occasion she wasted no time in falling asleep immediately: the hard hiking of the day had sapped her strength and she was already half asleep when she began undressing for bed.

By the time the sun had cleared the peaks to the east she was again plowing through the rock-infested canyons, still attempting to make her way south toward the rock leading to safety.

Shortly before noon she came upon a small pond. Though it lacked the picturesque waterfall which had graced the pool where they had been surprised by the four ardent young men, it was even more inviting to Savita, who was covered with sweat and dirt from her strenuous exertions.

The pool lay before her eyes as soon as she had climbed out of a canyon; she took one look at it and began unloosening her pack.

"Oh, man, is that ever what I've been needing!" she muttered as her fingers flew up and down the buttons of her shirt. "A hundred miles from nowhere and nobody in sight!"

She lost no time in slipping out of her clothes and dashing into the pool. The water, little more than freshly melted snow, was bone-chilling but highly exhilarating.

Savita splashed happily for fifteen minutes, then floated and paddled listlessly for several more minutes.

By the time she was ready to pull herself from the water her flesh was almost blue with cold and her nipples had shrunk until they were no larger than the tip of her little finger.

As she walked through the shallows to the grassy spot where she had left her clothes, she looked up and saw a sight that froze her into place.

"Good God!" the man standing before her exclaimed, dropping the towel he carried in his left hand. "Where in hell did you come from?"

Sex in the Sticks Chapter 6

Savita did not answer for a moment. The man was stark naked, except for a pair of sandals, and looked to be at least as surprised as herself. He had a thick brown beard, but through it she could see the astonishment on his face.

"I ... I hiked in from the north," she said. "I'm trying to get to a maintenance road just north of the Sleeping Beauty so ... so I can walk out to civilization."

"Hey, you're way off base," the man said. "That road's been closed off for over five years! I doubt if you'd even be able to see it now. I'm Pete Barnet, by the way; I'm a seasonal ranger. Got a little shack down the way there."

"I'm ... Savita Bhabhi," she said, wryly reminding herself that she had never before introduced herself to a man under quite these conditions. "I hope you don't mind my using the pool."

"Huh? Of course not," Pete said. "It's big enough for both of us and more. You've had quite a hike, I suppose?"

"Uh, I cut off the trail up at the Big Horn cutoff," Savita said. "That was about two days ago."

"And you've covered all that distance in that short a time?" Pete asked, looking at her with a new respect. "Say, that's pretty good traveling!"

"Well, I wanted to get across that stretch as soon as I could."

"Yeah. It isn't the most scenic part of the forest," Pete agreed. "Hey, you want to use my towel? I don't see yours anywhere. Just let me jump in and rinse off for a minute and ... well, I don't know. Where are you going now? What's on your agenda?"

Savita and Pete crossed paths; she on her way to the towel he left on the grass and he moving into the water.

His question brought her to a halt: only then did she begin to consider the implications of his remark about the maintenance road being closed.

She knew that the forest could obscure, even hide, a rude track in only a few years. That being the case, she might not find the maintenance road such a good route out of the forest.

"I don't know what I'm going to do now," she confessed, drying herself off with the towel and holding it around her body as she edged her way toward her clothes. "From what you've said, that maintenance road might not be quite as good an idea as I'd thought. I mean, as a way of getting out to a main highway."

"You can believe that," Pete said, gasping as he splashed the cold water over his body. "I'd bet that you'd have trouble finding it, much less following it anywhere. Tell you what -- you can either walk out from here on the road down to the junction or, if you're fed up with hiking, you can sit it out here and ride all the way in to Jasper City."

"Jasper City?" Savita asked, looking up with surprise. "I could catch a bus there and be back in the city in a few hours!"

"See, every Friday a park ranger comes out to drop off my supplies for the neat week," Pete told her. "Today's Tuesday, so you could spend a couple or three days here and then ride in. Or you can hike out, whichever you like. You'd be welcome to stay, of course, except that there isn't a lot to do."

"Man, it would be great to get a ride all the way in," Savita said. "I don't know; let me think about it awhile, huh?"

"Sure, take all the time you want," he said. "That's the best part of being out here -- nobody'll ever hassle you about time. You can take all spring and summer to make up your mind if you've got food enough to last that long. The only reason I say that is because they only give me enough food for one."

"No, I've got plenty to eat," Savita replied.

Pete came out of the pool, seemingly ignorant of the fact that he was completely naked, and grabbed up the towel.

Savita realized with a start that he was probably a nudist: his entire body, even around his hips, was nut brown, though his blue eyes suggested that he was not naturally dark.

For the first time in her life she felt relatively at ease with a naked man: Pete exuded a trustworthy air and seemed to be interested in her more as a person than as an instrument of lust.

"Okay, why not walk down to the shack with me and we'll throw something together for lunch?" he suggested. "You can think it all over and make up your mind on a full stomach. That's always the best way to make decisions."

"All right, that's a deal," Savita agreed, darting a curious look at his prick as they set out down the dim trail.

"Don't worry, I'll put on some clothes now that I've got company," Pete said with a laugh. "As long as I'm up here by myself I've gotten into the habit of doing without clothes. I guess I'm just a hedonist at heart -- I like to feel the sun and wind on my bare hide. But I've got a shirt and a pair of jeans in the shack."

Savita said nothing but her mind turned anxious flip-flops.

The man's prick, an uncircumcised length of meat equal to any she had ever seen, hung down like a gigantic, meaty arrow; the brown fur surrounding its base curled richly and crisply. Behind that lengthy, thick tube were suspended two balls at least as large as hen eggs; the entire equipment swung gently from side to side as they plodded along.

Savita tried to force herself to think of other subjects but she could not rid her mind's eye of that unusual sight.

The calm, easy way in which Pete accepted his masculinity without blatantly parading it bothered her.

Any of the other men she knew would have managed to suggest that they were nude in order to be ready to take her to bed; Pete's attitude suggested only that he found it more comfortable to be naked.

As soon as they were in the shack, a neatly kept one-room cabin, he dug into a duffle bag and brought out a wrinkled pair of jeans and a battered shirt. He slipped into them quickly as he continued talking.

"Are you all alone up here?" Savita asked, seeing no sign of any other occupant.

"Sure, it's usually better that way," he said. "There isn't enough to do for more than one person. Considering most of the people I've seen, I'd rather be alone for all the company they are."

"Yeah, I can see what you mean," she said, thinking back to the scandalous way in which Pam and Ellen had exhibited themselves. "Gee, this might be a pretty good way to spend the summer."

"I haven't found anything like it," he said. "I can live up here for five months on almost nothing. The money I make is almost all pure savings and I live on it the rest of the year. I'm a painter, by the way, when I'm not a ranger. But I don't mix the two -- that's why you don't see much, sign of art work around here."

They decided that a package of Savita's soup, mixed together with a slab of beef which Pete produced, would make a tasty stew. Pete diced the beef while Savita prepared the soup, then she added the cubes of meat.

"It'll be ready in ten minutes or so," she said. "Or maybe a little longer if we want to let it simmer."

"Smells good already," Pete told her. "Hey, it's almost twelve -- time for me to check in. Hang on a minute."

He went over to a shelf and took down a small portable transceiver.

Savita watched as he pulled out the antenna, depressed a switch and chanted into the mouthpiece. When he got no response he tried again.

"Sometimes it doesn't work so good inside," he told her, shaking the transceiver apologetically. "I'll take it outside and see if it works better."

"Go ahead, I'll check the stew," she replied.

Sex in the Sticks Chapter 7

She was dishing up their food when he returned. He had a faintly annoyed look on his face.

"That was headquarters," he said, replacing the transceiver on its shelf. "I'm supposed to check in every day at noon, just to let 'em know the trees are still here."

"And they didn't take very kindly to my being here," she guessed, motioning for him to sit down at the crude table. "Is that it? You're not allowed to entertain wandering hikers?"

"No, that's not it. In fact, I didn't even mention that you were here," he said, drawing up a crate and turning it into an impromptu chair. "The thing is, they think some bank robbers are loose in the forest somewhere."

"Bank robbers?" Savita exclaimed. "This is not a very good place to find a bank, I'd say!"

"No, they already found it. Seems they held up the bank in Two Rivers yesterday morning; that's a little burg fifty or sixty miles east of here. They shot the teller and somebody else on their way out."

"And they're hiding out here? In the forest?"

"Well, they're not sure. The cops found the car they used to split; it was parked off the highway over by Dilley Springs, out of gas. So either they had some more wheels stashed there -- not too likely, since the first car was out of gas, remember -- or they just ditched it and took out on foot. Either way there's a flock of cops out working the forest."

"Good heavens!" Savita exclaimed. "And they think the robbers might come here?"

"Oh, no, that's not very likely," Pete assured her. "Dilley Springs is, oh, fifteen or twenty miles from here and that's over some pretty rough country. No, what they wanted with me was to tell me to be careful when I'm out cruising the woods. All those cops out there, they might be ready to shoot anything that moves, so the guys at headquarters wanted me to watch it when I'm outside."

"Hey, that's wild!" Savita laughed. "They call you up but it's to tell you to watch out for cops, not bank robbers! Which one is supposed to be more dangerous?"

"Listen, they weren't fooling," Pete said, looking up anxiously. "These guys on the sheriff's outfit, they can get all cranked up and they just might blast away at anything they see. Hell, for a buck seventy-five an hour you don't get Dick Tracy!"

"Yeah, I can see that," Savita agreed.

"But this is liable to screw things up for you," Pete went on. "See, one of the robbers was a chick. Tall, brunette, pretty well-built, about twenty-five. See, if somebody didn't know better they might get you mixed up with her. So, if you were to go waltzing along that track, who knows?"

"Uh, that doesn't sound very good," Savita agreed. "It might be almost like going out during hunting season, right?"

"You know it! Look, if you want you can stay here till the heat's off. There's that bunk over there; you can have it if you want. Or you can sleep outside somewhere if you ... well, if you don't like it indoors."

"I can sleep outside," Savita quickly decided. "It wouldn't be right, throwing you out of your own house!"

"Come on, about half the time I sleep outside anyway," he said. "And don't think I'm doing you any favors by offering you the bunk -- when it rains this is like sleeping under a tree, the roof is that bad!"

"I'll still sleep outside," Savita insisted. "After all, I didn't come all the way out here to sleep inside!"

They finished their meal and cleaned up the dishes and cooking pot. Pete told her that he had to make a tour of one section of the forest assigned to him and invited her to accompany him.

"It'll be about a ten- or eleven-mile hike," he said. "Easy country and some great sights if you want to come along."

"You know, I believe I'll accept your guided tour," she said.

The afternoon hike across Pete's portion of the Big Beaver National Forest proved to be highly educational.

An expert woodsman, an enthusiastic ecologist and a knowledgeable, if amateur, geologist, he constantly pointed out features of the forest and landscape which Savita had never realized before.

All the while he was talking steadily and seemed capable of walking at top speed and lecturing furiously for an entire day.

"Whew, you must really be in good shape!" Savita marveled when they finally stopped for a breather. "To keep up a pace like that and talk all the while, that's really something!"

"I know, I sometimes talk too much," he admitted with a rueful smile. "And then there are other times I don't talk at all, believe it or not. Put it down to having such a nice audience!"

"But you're not even breathing hard," she observed, deciding to pass over the compliment.

"Oh, this wasn't much," he assured her. "See, a lot of the time I run over my routes. It's a good way to keep down my weight and besides, I can get the work done faster and have more time to laze around and look at things I want to see."

Savita said nothing to that, though she nearly remarked that from what she had seen his efforts at keeping his weight down had been fantastically successful.

She remembered seeing him nude; there had not been an ounce of superfluous weight on his tall, wide-shouldered body, she thought.

At once she also remembered his prick, a memory which set off a vague flurry of feeling within her body.

Oh, you can't be thinking like that, she thought. He's thirty years old at least; he wouldn't be interested in you! And you certainly aren't interested in him -- you barely know him!

Nevertheless, she could not erase the image from her memory. Following him along the trail, she constantly watched his trim hips, tightly encased in the battered blue jeans, and found herself weaving fantasies around the man.

These daydreams had only a semi-sexual content -- she seldom envisaged herself actually engaging in sexual activities with a man -- but even so she found that she was rapidly becoming excited.

Throughout the rest of the afternoon her pussy remained at a low boil, as it were, and constantly reminded her of its presence.

You're getting as bad as Pam and Ellen, she told herself as they headed back to the cabin.

"We'll be back at the shack in a quarter of an hour," he said. "Plenty of time to think about dinner. Maybe even a turn in the pool. You can go first if you like."

"Huh?" Savita asked, having been deep in her own thoughts. "Oh, yeah. Say, I've got some things to wash out -- why don't you go ahead while I do my laundry? It won't take but a little while."

"Whatever you say," Pete agreed.

When they reached the cabin Pete doffed his shirt, picked up his towel -- he had only one, it appeared -- and set out for the pool.

Savita gathered up her socks, panties and other articles of clothing while she heated a pot of water.

After reflecting for a moment, she stripped naked and added the clothes she had been wearing to the small pile.